About Us

Exterior Creations is a multidimensional masonry and outdoor construction company. We uniquely approach each project, and with over 50 years of combined experience, we are very confident in it's success.

We are a non-traditional company. We don't want to be the largest masonry and outdoor construction company, but do aspire to be revered as the best and most respected; by both our clientele and competitors.

Exterior Creations makes every effort possible to reduce costs for our clients. By stream-lining our personnel and equipment purchases, we minimize the exorbitant overhead costs that many companies pass onto their clients.

Employing "master" masons and multi-skilled craftsmen as foremen and crew leaders has enabled us to motivate and develop all of our newer employees into future standout tradesmen.

Our professionals work very closely with our clients to develop ideas and concepts into both functional and aesthetic reflections of their dreams.

Exterior Creations engineers each project to meet the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship. Our supervisors continuously micro-manage each job to ensure that even the most minute detail is not lost, forgotten, or misinterpreted.